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Japan Alps Tourism Federation

The Japan Alps Tourism Federation is a tourism promotion group consisting of six municipalities and two companies in the Northern Alps of Nagano Prefecture, and widely transmits regional attractions through outdoor sporting events outside the prefecture and holding tourist advertisements.

Secretariat: Matsumoto-shi oote 3-8-13-5F Tourism Div.  phone.0263-34-8307

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Name Address Phone Website SNS
Matsumoto CityTourism Div. ZIP390-0874 Oote 3-8-13-5F, Matsumoto-shi 0263-34-3000 サイト
Omachi CityTourism Div. ZIP398-8601 Omachi 3887,Omachi-shi 0261-22-0420 サイト
Shiojiri CityTourism Div. ZIP399-0736 Ichibancho 12-2, Daimon, Shiojiri-shi 0263-52-0886 サイト
Azumino CityTourism Div. ZIP399-8281 Toyoshina 6000, Azumino-shi 0263-71-2000 サイト
Asahi VillageIndustry section ZIP390-1188 Komi 1555 Address 1, higashichikuma-gun, Asahi-mura 0263-99-2001 サイト
Yamagata VillageIndustry section ZIP390-1301 2030-1, Yamagata-mura, Higashi-Chikuma-gun 0263-98-5664 サイト
ALPICO transportationSales Planning Div. ZIP390-8518 2-1-1, Igawajo, Matsumoto-shi 0263-28-3111 サイト
Alps Azumino National Government Park Horigane-Hotaka Area ZIP399-8295 33-4 Horiganekarasugawa, Azumino-shi 0263-71-5511 サイト
Alps Azumino National Government Park (Omachi-Matsukawa Area) ZIP398-0004 7791-4, Tokiwa, Omachi-shi 0261-21-1212 サイト